2021: a wrap-up

Here we are again! The year 2021 draws to an end, and that is a perfect time for some critical self-reflection between your never-ending Christmas dinners with the family. While you are digesting your fourth refill of the evening, take a moment to look back… Read More »2021: a wrap-up

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Piece of Cake

Note: the following article will be mainly targeted at a Belgian audience. Introduction It is quite an interesting time to be alive, in many ways. As the pandemic is raging on in Europe and people are confined to their homes for the second time in… Read More »Piece of Cake

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2020: A wrap-up

Table of Contents IntroductionProfessionallyOur own set of bricksThe start of Fruits Of FrugalityThe road to financial independence: status Introduction As the festive season is upon us, one can get a bit melancholic and reflect upon the past year. I think it is fair to say… Read More »2020: A wrap-up