There is a wealth of information out there. People sharing their own successes (and, at least equally interesting, their failures). From time to time I try to look around as well and see what I can learn from others. I am bundling already some sites or blogs I check on a regular basis.

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Blogs in English

Amber Tree Leaves: A blog that follows the narrative of a Belgian father and his target of reaching financial independence. This is one I frequently check. Solid advice, especially when it comes to investing, and explained in a way that a broader audience can understand as well.

My Dividend Dynasty: One of my more recent discoveries. This blog is focussed in the U.S. and tracks the author in his quest for a dividend empire which underpins the goal of financial independence.

Financially free in 10 years: A blog that has been going for quite some time already. It mainly focusses on building up a steady inflow of dividends and frequent updates towards the goal of the auther are shared.

Blogs in Dutch

Stoppen Voor Mijn Vijftigste: Very active blog in which the author frequently shares personnal experiences (and the advice coming from them). Goes also beyond the investment advice and just like this website shares tips & trick on how to cut down on expenditure as well.

Groeigeld: Blog from the perspective of a married man in his end-30’s with two kids who shares tips & tricks on personnal finance. It has frequent updates and loads of interesting insights.

Geld Is Tijd: A Dutch blog that has been going steadily for an impressive number of years now. There are quite some interesting posts on mortgages and DIY home projects.

Far East Fire: Quite a unique perspective and hence certainly worth your time: a blog from someone from the Netherlands, now living in the Middle East, documenting & sharing tips on financial independence.

Uitklokken: This author shares his tips & tricks as well as frequent updates regarding his financials & mortgage payments. The frequency of posting is quite high so it is worthwhile checking in from time to time.

Kaskoe: Dutch website with an author that strives for financial independence through dividends. There are very practical tips & tricks on investors that should be useful to both experienced & new investors. Definitely worth a visit.