• Dumpster diving as a great way to reduce your grocery bill
    I can imagine a few eyebrows being raised when reading the words ‘grocery’ and ‘dumpster’ in one sentence. Give this article a chance though! Although I can understand it will perhaps not inspire you to do the same, it might at least give a good thought on consumerism and combating food waste. For those not… Read More »Dumpster diving as a great way to reduce your grocery bill
  • 5 Frugal New Year’s resolutions
    I already hinted to it in my earlier post, but I aim to be a bit more disciplined in the year to come (without taking out too much of the fun aspect, of course!). Now, I have also put my ‘Frugal New Year’s resolutions’ on paper! Yes, I allow you to confront me with it… Read More »5 Frugal New Year’s resolutions
  • 2021: a wrap-up
    Here we are again! The year 2021 draws to an end, and that is a perfect time for some critical self-reflection between your never-ending Christmas dinners with the family. While you are digesting your fourth refill of the evening, take a moment to look back on your past 12 months. Did you get where you… Read More »2021: a wrap-up
  • Milk it or leave it: health insurance
    Note: the below article is mainly applicable for the Belgian readers. With 2021 drawing to a close, it is typically a time for reflection. How has the past year been for you? Have you been able to cope with the special circumstances that we’ve been through the past year? And how are your financials looking?… Read More »Milk it or leave it: health insurance
  • Alternative travel plans for an unusual summer: camping in someone’s garden
    The summer of 2021 could normally be described as one as we haven’t seen before, were it not for the fact that it is shaping up to be more or less a rerun of last year. In some parts of the world already quite a lot is allowed as the pace of delivering jabs has… Read More »Alternative travel plans for an unusual summer: camping in someone’s garden
  • King of the coupon
    Ah, the coupon. A favorite tool of marketeers and retail supermarkets and a magnet for some shoppers. The coupon is a voucher which can be digital (such as in the form of a code you have to enter upon purchase) or physical which entitles the holder to some sort of discount of the purchase of… Read More »King of the coupon
  • Icarus: looking back at an interesting and turbulent period in wake of the Gamestop frenzy
    The start of the year very much continued in the same vein as 2020: unpredictable and frantic. There was turmoil in Washington which was gobbled up by spectators all over the globe. In the US, there is a new president and the Covid pandemic is still raging while countries are struggling to plan the jabs… Read More »Icarus: looking back at an interesting and turbulent period in wake of the Gamestop frenzy
  • Piece of Cake
    Note: the following article will be mainly targeted at a Belgian audience. Introduction It is quite an interesting time to be alive, in many ways. As the pandemic is raging on in Europe and people are confined to their homes for the second time in 2020, I have the luxury of having a job which… Read More »Piece of Cake
  • 2020: A wrap-up
    Table of Contents IntroductionProfessionallyOur own set of bricksThe start of Fruits Of FrugalityThe road to financial independence: status Introduction As the festive season is upon us, one can get a bit melancholic and reflect upon the past year. I think it is fair to say that 2020 has been the most bizarre year in a lot of… Read More »2020: A wrap-up
  • That way we’ll have it
    Introduction It can be painful from time to time to reflect and confront yourself with some of the expensive habits you have. As I recently moved into my humble new home, I was looking for ways to fill the huge shelf above my desk. My girlfriend had managed to fill it halfway already with plants… Read More »That way we’ll have it
  • The subscription curse
    Table of Contents IntroductionThe rise of the monthly paymentThrowing out digital televisionSources Introduction The accidental split second can end up ruining a month’s worth of savings. Think about being overconfident when parking your car (“I still have some margin!”) or your cellphone hitting the floor when reaching for it with your fingertips from your bed.… Read More »The subscription curse
  • Take to the skies: tips & tricks for cheap travel
    There are many things one can say about traveling. It will however – in monetary terms – not make you richer. Of course, traveling can be an enriching venture through the experiences you come across. It should therefore not immediately be banned from one’s quest to frugality! It is however possible to return home with a backpack full of… Read More »Take to the skies: tips & tricks for cheap travel
  • On auctions
    Table of Contents IntroductionExample of auctionsTips & TricksLinks to some (Belgian or Dutch) auction sites: Introduction For a while, I was considering naming this article “How to channel your inner vulture”. The reason is quite straightforward. When I tell people what I have been up to last week, I get some slightly judging looks: I’ve… Read More »On auctions
  • On the economics of baking bread
    There are only a few things that I despised more as a child than eating bread. Very high on that rather short list was eating home-made bread. It was an ordeal I went through when visiting my father, who was what one could consider as an early pioneer in making one’s own bread. Not via… Read More »On the economics of baking bread