King of the coupon

Ah, the coupon. A favorite tool of marketeers and retail supermarkets and a magnet for some shoppers. The coupon is a voucher which can be digital (such as in the form of a code you have to enter upon purchase) or physical which entitles the holder to some sort of discount of the purchase of a product.

To clarify a confusion and to prevent some of you from wasting your time: this article is not about the periodic interest rate paid to bondholders, which is also known as a coupon. It is really about the discount you get when making a purchase. This is a short article, but like a lot of them on this website I should actually give the credits to my girlfriend.

As the frequent readers surely know by now, we have purchased our own house since a couple of months. It gives us a lot of peace of mind and pleasure. A downside however is that like all new homeowners, we have buy a lot of stuff which we didn’t have to earlier.

As the end of February also brought a surprising amount of sun, our eyes for the first time turned to our small garden. The sun was beaming down on the grass, and we definitely wanted to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. As we were discussing this, we quickly found ourselves browsing the websites of all kinds of shops looking for lounger chairs. We did the usual ‘check the reviews, compare the prices and specs’-routine. We surprisingly quickly agreed on 2 chairs which seemed like a good bang for buck. Then, my girlfriend said the magic words: “Let’s look for a coupon.”

I was slightly surprised by this. We hadn’t received any publicity (which usually contains these kind of coupons) nor were we frequent shoppers at the store selling these loungers. Ignoring my (futile) protests she focused on her screen, and one minute later her face lit up with enthusiasm. “Got it!”.

She flipped the screen of her cellphone towards me, showing a website which apparently collects these kind of (publicly available) coupons per store. Just Google it, you’ll find loads of them. She entered the code during the checkout at the store’s website and boom: a 45-euro discount on loungers we would have bought anyway. An hour later, they were put aside for us and we spent the entire afternoon enjoying them.

For sure it is a habit I will try to develop when making purchases like this. It will save me quite some money (and probably would have saved me a lot as well if I had known about it earlier). Hope it can do the same for you!  

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