5 Frugal New Year’s resolutions

5 Frugal New Year's Resoltuions
I already wrote a seperate article on the numerous advantages of baking your own bread a year ago. However, I have not been exactly great in the follow-up myself. Time to do better in 2022!

I already hinted to it in my earlier post, but I aim to be a bit more disciplined in the year to come (without taking out too much of the fun aspect, of course!). Now, I have also put my ‘Frugal New Year’s resolutions’ on paper! Yes, I allow you to confront me with it in 12 months.

Frugal New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Cut down on the heating: something I already started with. This sounds quite radical when the outside temperature is dropping below the freezing point. However, I was used to putting my heating on a (very) comfortable 21°. As from now, I’m experimenting it at keeping it 1 degree lower at 20°. This still quite a pleasant temperature. As for how much it will save me: I don’t know yet, but will try to track my consumption thoroughly. With the huge spike in energy prices, I expect the impact to be rather significant. A modest contribution to the environment as well!
  2. In 2022, I will no longer buy new clothes*. If I need extra clothes, I will get them via Vinted or a second-hand store.. The offer on display is huge. It will save me a significant buck and will reduce my ecological footprint as well.
  3. I will consistently keep my Cake app linked. This one is super easy. It gives me additional insight in my finances and generates a very modest passive income.
  4. I will switch to HZIV from CM for my health insurance. This should be a quick win. The reason for this switch is explained here.
  5. I will get my grip together and start baking my own bread again. Seriously, one of the first articles I wrote on this website was the numerous advantages of baking your own bread. Yet since I ran out of flour months ago I have completely neglected it. Time to get my act together again!

*= Apart from underwear.

What are yours? Any thought on mine? Feel free to reach out in the comments section below or connect via Twitter. Wishing you a very pleasant end of year!

2 thoughts on “5 Frugal New Year’s resolutions”

  1. For heating, 1 degree is a good start but look into smart radiator valves (I have Honeywell HomeXpert, a friend is fan of Tado) that allow to regulate according to when you use a given room. If your heating system is recent enough, they allow to run lower temperatures so you run the condensation system more efficiently.

    1. Fruits of Frugality

      Very good point, and funny you mention that. I was having a conversation with a colleague on the exact same point a bit more than a week ago, and he also raised the same point.

      For me currently though, I unfortunately only have heating on the ground floor (which is a big living room + kitchen combined), so that is basically the only place I heat. In 2023 I am thinking of also expanding the heating upstairs though, as with two people homeworking it is a bit nicer to work at a desk that has decent heating!

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