5 Frugal New Year’s resolutions

5 Frugal New Year's Resoltuions
I already wrote a seperate article on the numerous advantages of baking your own bread a year ago. However, I have not been exactly great in the follow-up myself. Time to do better in 2022!

I already hinted to it in my earlier post, but I aim to be a bit more disciplined in the year to come (without taking out too much of the fun aspect, of course!). Now, I have also put my ‘Frugal New Year’s resolutions’ on paper! Yes, I allow you to confront me with it in 12 months.

Frugal New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Cut down on the heating: something I already started with. This sounds quite radical when the outside temperature is dropping below the freezing point. However, I was used to putting my heating on a (very) comfortable 21°. As from now, I’m experimenting it at keeping it 1 degree lower at 20°. This still quite a pleasant temperature. As for how much it will save me: I don’t know yet, but will try to track my consumption thoroughly. With the huge spike in energy prices, I expect the impact to be rather significant. A modest contribution to the environment as well!
  2. In 2022, I will no longer buy new clothes*. If I need extra clothes, I will get them via Vinted or a second-hand store.. The offer on display is huge. It will save me a significant buck and will reduce my ecological footprint as well.
  3. I will consistently keep my Cake app linked. This one is super easy. It gives me additional insight in my finances and generates a very modest passive income.
  4. I will switch to HZIV from CM for my health insurance. This should be a quick win. The reason for this switch is explained here.
  5. I will get my grip together and start baking my own bread again. Seriously, one of the first articles I wrote on this website was the numerous advantages of baking your own bread. Yet since I ran out of flour months ago I have completely neglected it. Time to get my act together again!

*= Apart from underwear.

What are yours? Any thought on mine? Feel free to reach out in the comments section below or connect via Twitter. Wishing you a very pleasant end of year!

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